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Book Review: Wicked Fox

Title: Wicked Fox  

Series: Gumiho #1

Author: Kat Cho

Published: June 25,2019

Publisher: Little,Brown and Company

Genre: Paranormal Fiction, YA Fantasy

Official Summary: After eighteen-year-old Gu Miyoung, a nine-tailed fox surviving in modern day Seoul by eating the souls of evil men, kills a murderous goblin to save Jihoon, she is forced to choose between her immortal life and his.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kat Cho does a great job of feeding you seemingly plain and innocent details, allowing you to form your ideas and then ripping those details away and adding something else that turns everything on its head.  

Wicked Fox seamlessly incorporates Korean Folklore into a modern setting. Relationships established before this story began are natural and relatable. New relationships are formed gradually and we learn about and connect with characters through the eyes of those around them. (By that I mean we get to learn about someone either through the eyes of Jihoon or Miyoung but that’s not a problem). There was some good humour here and there and the fact that the story kept changing with every new detail kept me on my toes.

That’s All I Got, Danielle.

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