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  • Why did you start this blog?

I like to read and I like to talk about what I read, but I don’t really have anyone to talk. Most of my friends don’t read outside of school assign books (sometimes not even then) and then most of the friends that do read have totally different opinions than I do and aren’t really open to a discussion. So I started this blog so I have a place to talk about what I read to an audience who actually cares what I’m saying.

  • What are some fun and unique things to book blogging?

. . . Jah. I don’t know. I’m from Jamaica and I plan to include the dialect in my post from time to time so that’s one thing. Plus I’ve been told I have some anger issues and as a result I argue and rant. . . ALOT. So I’ll probably have a section for that. All for your enjoyment of course.

  • What are you most excited for about this new blog?

Probably an audience with an interest in what I’m saying as well as discussions with others who have both similar and different opinions, and maybe making new friends ( I’m not very good at that.)

  • Why do you love reading ?

Books are like little teleportation machines. I love being transported into different times, places and situations. Plus books are a really good way to avoid talking to people and they’re really good at distraction me from my anger.

  • What book series got you into readings?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. This series was recommended to me by my best friend. ( The only one who’s a book lover too and the only one I can talk to about books at the moment.)

  • What questions would you ask your favourite authors ?

Easy. How do you get your ideas on paper and still like them when they’re actually words on paper or on a screen.

  • What challenges in starting a blog do you think will be the hardest to overcome?

Probably gathering an audience and actually reaching out to people.

  • When did you start reading?

Well technically I started reading for enjoyment at 8 but I didn’t really start really start reading until I was 12 in first form (Grade 7).

  • Where do you read?

Where don’t I read?

  • What kinds of books do you like to read?

Everything but erotica and I only read non fiction about topics I’m interested in.

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