New Features

  • “Whispers From The Stars” will be a new monthly feature implemented into the Starred Pages Book Blog. In this feature I will give two lists. The first will be a list of books I’m excited for that are set to be released that month and the second will be a list I hope to read that month.
  • “Jah Know Star”. This feature will serve as an outlet for all of book rants, rambles and ravings. The reason for this feature is that I prefer to write my reviews with a certain tone, this tone often doesn’t always me to express all of my feelings I experienced during reading. “Jah Know Star” allows me to throw tone, professionalism and everything else out the window, leaving space for my pure unadulterated feelings.
  • “Star Trail”. This will be the “If You Like” feature of the Starred Pages.

That’s All I Got, Danielle.