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Odriel’s Heir: Book Review

Title: Odriel’s Heirs

Author: Hayley Reese Chow

To Be Published: March 1, 2020

Publisher: Self Published

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy

Arc Copy

Official Summary:

The brave, burning with fire, harnessed the Dragon’s Rage….

As the Dragon Heir, seventeen-year-old Kaia inherited the power of flame to protect her homeland from a godlike necromancer’s undead army. But after centuries of peace, the necromancer has faded to myth, and the Dragon Heir is feared by the people. Persecuted and cast out, Kaia struggles to embrace and control her seemingly useless gift while confined to her family’s farm.

But when the necromancer’s undead terrorize the land once again, Kaia runs away to join the battle.

With the help of her childhood rival, the handsome Shadow Heir, and a snarky, cursed cat, Kaia must figure out how to control both her fire and her confidence in time to save Okarria. If she fails, she will sacrifice her family, her new friends, and the enchanting world she has only just begun to see.

And time is running out.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Alright so,

I loved reading about this world. The magic and its limits, the creatures that inhabited the world it was a great read overall.

Th magic system was probably my favorite system in this story. I loved the fact that the limits of each character’s magic was a continuous thing throughout the whole book. The limits were something that characters had to work really hard to overcome. The magic wasn’t something that conveniently worked perfectly in dire situations and then once the fight is over, bam, suddenly :” I don’t know how to control my magic, woe is me”

I also enjoyed reading about the different relationships (sibling relationships, parent-child, platonic, romantic) in this book. I really loved that I could clearly see the difference between the sibling relationships and I knew the reasons why without the author telling me and leaving it at that so, Hayley pop yuh collar.

Last thing, Kaia was a great character to read about and her point of view did I good job of bringing me in to the world.

I was provided a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

That’s All I Got, Danielle.

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