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Book Review : Catwoman – Soulstealer.

Title: Catwoman- Soulstealer

Series: DC Icons (#3)

Author: Sarah J. Mass

Published: August 7, 2018

Publisher: Random House Books For Young Readers

Genre: Young Adult, Adventure Fiction, Bildungsroman, Fantasy, Superhero

Official Summary:

When the Bat’s away, the Cat will play. It’s time to see how many lives this cat really has. . . .

Two years after escaping Gotham City’s slums, Selina Kyle returns as the mysterious and wealthy Holly Vanderhees. She quickly discovers that with Batman off on a vital mission, Batwing is left to hold back the tide of notorious criminals. Gotham City is ripe for the taking.

Meanwhile, Luke Fox wants to prove he has what it takes to help people in his role as Batwing. He targets a new thief on the prowl who seems cleverer than most. She has teamed up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and together they are wreaking havoc. This Catwoman may be Batwing’s undoing.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I think the thing I enjoyed the most about reading this book is the fact that the troupe I predicted like 15 pages in actually happened.

I loved reading about Holly’s (Selina’s) life both past and present. Seeing and learning about he struggles about her relationships and the life she had to live through Mass’ writing was a wonderful experience. Watching her make friends with people you wouldn’t expect to be the friendly type was also a pretty fun part of reading. I have to say my favorite parts of Selina’s/Holly’s Point Of View involved watching her plan her heists, following along with her though process and just being in her mind during the kick-ass fight scene.

It was absolutey hilarious to watch Luke believe the lies that Selina/Holly carefully crafted to get him to stay out of her goddamn business, then it was even better being in his head while he failed to catch Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

Also I was rooting for Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn they whole time. (Also the trope that I mentioned).

That’s All I Got, Danielle.

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