Hol' A Medz

Hold A Medz: Why I Read The Books First

A Discussion

Just watch the movie!

So why you a guy read di book and still watch di movie?

There’s a book for that?

How much you want to bet she’s only reading the book so she can tell us everything the movie did wrong?

There are so many movies coming out now the are adaptions of popular books. And it’s kinda making my life a living hell. Most of my friends are readers but all of my friends want to watch the movie, and this is a problem because I want to read the book first. When I tell my friends that I can almost hear the record scratch and I’m pretty sure I hear them thinking “Dah B yah” translation: “This bitch”. They don’t understand why I want to read the book first and it seems a lot of people out in the world don’t understand why some bookends out there agree with me.

It’s not to get bragging rights, or so I can spoil the ending. It isn’t because I don’t want to watch the movie with you. It’s a personal thing, watching the movie first takes away so many of the experiences that I get when I read a book. Here I some of the reasons I read the books first:

I Get ALL The (Correct) Details

Movie adaptions are typically a specific amount of hours long (Two hours, give or take) and to stick to that time frame, the writers and all else involved tend to take out details they deem unimportant. Sometimes those “unimportant” details are way more important that they thought, but they’ve gone to far with the script, so to remedy that problem they change a couple other details, or they just continue with what they have and this leaves the audience feeling like there’s something missing (Because there is). When I read the book, I get everything. Filler chapters, the MC’S thought process and it all comes together to make the story.

I Get To Use My Imagination

When I read the book first, I get to take the descriptions from the page ad create my own picture. I can picture the characters, the scenes and the setting on my own. When I watch the movie everything is done for me and sometimes the end product looks nothing like what’s in the book.

I’ve Been Burned Before

I’ve watched many movies. Movies that I didn’t know were based on books, I didn’t even care if they were based on books (I wasn’t a bookworm at this time so you’ll have to see with me). But when I became a part of this reading community, the first thing I did was snatch up the books that inspired the movies I’ve been watching. Yeah nah, dat neva work translation: That didn’t work out too well. Characters (traits, personalities you name it) were completely different, certain plot points went in completely different directions. Main Characters died! (I wasn’t expecting it cause they didn’t die in the movie. I was lure into a false sense of security)

Yeah so those are some of the reasons I read the books before I watch the movie. Hopefully my nonreader friends and random people around me will leave me alone now.

That’s All I Got, Danielle.

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