Bookish Confession: I’m Not A Big Fan Of Harry Potter

I read the Harry Potter series for the first time when I was fifteen years old and I watched the movies ac couple months after I read the last book. To give you guys some background information I am sixteen years old and I started reading for fun when I was about twelve years old, so there is no nostalgia factor for me to consider when I think about how much I like (or dislike) the series.

How I Ended Up Reading The Series

So the series that got me into reading was the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series, which to this day (*snort* like four years later) is still one of my favourite series of all time. Before reading the PJO series, I only read school assigned books and the occasional Nancy Drew book I would get for my birthday and when I read that series it was a new door I never knew was there had opened up. So after I gobbled up that series and everything else by Rick Riordan, I started googling books like The PJO series and Harry Potter kept popping up. I asked my parents to by the series for me which they didn’t because they were Christian and they had that whole “If you read this, your mind will be weak to the ways of the devil” or something like that.

(Which upsets me when I think about it now because I caught them watching the movies with my youngest sister – who is 10 – the other day. I figure this hypocrisy has to do with them thinking that since I read the series and turned out fine then it can’t be that bad. Typical first born is the experiment situation here, but I’m not bitter because as I mentioned before, I’m not a big fan.)

Anyway I wasn’t hooked enough on the series to even try and persuade them to buy it so the series was put off for a while. So a few years passed, I kind of noticed that reading Harry Potter seemed to be like a right of passage into the world of reading and I felt a little bit left out, so the next time I saw Sorcerer’s Stone and by this time my parents had sort of mellowed out about my reading choices so I was able to buy the book without much of a hassle (I did get that black parent side eye for about five seconds though).

My Experience Reading The Series

I don’t remember much of what I was thinking while reading the series but I do remember finding a lot of things that didn’t make any sense as well as a lot of inconsistencies as the series went on. I didn’t rate it on Goodreads because I only recently started rating books, but I do remember thinking the series was okay, which is just a little bit higher than “meh” which translates to 3.5 stars.

A couple months after I finished the book series I binged the movie series. I’m terrible at rating movies and actor’s capabilities, but I did like the movies even though I noticed many details that were lost in translation.

My Life After Reading The Series

After all . . . that, I tried to find people online who shared my opinions on the books. On YouTube I found hundred of videos about problems with the series and I though “Yes, these are my people”. They were not my people. Most, if not all of the people in those videos seemed to be die hard fans of the series, with multiple Harry Potter shelves and rooms full of HP memorabilia, who prefaced there videos by saying how much they loved the series and I was left sitting their like ” What am I supposed to do now”.

Frankly, it’s kind of annoying being a reader who doesn’t like the series, because it’s everywhere. People who don’t read have read and loved Harry Potter, I’ll meet people who do read and they’ll ask me what Hogwarts house I’m in. I read synopses that describe a book as a “Slytherin Romance”. I’ll be reading a Radom book and a character mentions something about the series. you can’t search for book related merchandise without seeing pages upon pages of HP merchandise, I’ll be looking at websites that have nothing to do with books that bring HP into the conversation out of no where.

I’m tired, I don’t get why it’s such a big deal to this day, I honestly think its an average story. How is it still so popular amongst reviewers who remove stars from a book’s rating for things that they point out and ignore in the HP series. So in conclusion, your girl is bitter.

That’s All I Got, Danielle.

3 thoughts on “Bookish Confession: I’m Not A Big Fan Of Harry Potter

  1. I admit to being a fan of the series, but appreciate why you aren’t. I’ve enjoyed reading it and sharing it initially with my own daughter and later shared the first two books with children in my class but they were 6 to 8years old, not 16! Maybe that makes a huge difference?

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    1. Thing is though, I’ve seen videos of adults reading the series for the first time and absolutely loving it and falling down the fandom rabbit hole. So I guess there are a lot of factors.


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