Percy Jackson Short Stories That Would Be Really Cool

Hello to the void!

So I know Uncle Rick is moving on from Greek and Roman Mythology (and Percy Jackson characters. R.I.P.) and I’m really excited about the new things he has planned BUT it wouldn’t hurt to imagine some cool short stories about characters we already know and love. So here is a list of events from The PJO and HOO series that would make some pretty cool short stories (At least I think they would make cool short stories and that’s all that matter so.)

Some of these have potential to have some sort of substance but other are probably ridiculous. This list also isn’t in any particular order so bear with me.

  1. All the ways Percy got kicked out of six schools in six years

2. Any fight seen from a mortal’s point of view

3. Sally and Paul’s love story

4. How Kronos brought Luke over to his side

5. How Luke stole the Lightning bolt and Helm of Darkness

6. Nico’s journey after he left Camp Half Blood

7. Grover’s search for Pan before he ended up in the Sea of Monsters

8. How Athena helped Fredrick Chase get his degree

9. Reyna and her sister’s journey after Percy and Annabeth blew up Circe’s Island

10. Nico’s point of view when he brought Percy to the underworld to bathe in the River Styx

11. Annabeth’s time with her father after The Lightning Thief

12. All the arguments of the god’s before Percy brought the Lightning Bolt

If you anybody out there has anymore ideas that they think would make short stories let me know. Maybe I’ll do another post some time that I actually put some serious time and thought into or maybe I’ll make a thing out of it and do “proper” lists for other books and series.

That’s All I Got, Danielle.

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