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Book Review: The Percy Jackson And The Olympians Series

Hello to the void!

So I’m doing a mass review of The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This time I’m doing it because I know I’m extremely biased when it comes to the series and I don’t trust myself to give a wholly critical review of each (or any book) in this series so here we go.

Overall Opinions:

Each book in the series got five stars.

I love the way these books were written. What I mean by that is I love Percy’s voice and the way he (Percy) involves in the story. Percy narrates the story as if we are in the story along with him, we (Percy and readers) have inside jokes and learn as the story goes along because Percy didn’t know much to begin with, so we learn as he does. There aren’t many info dumps and when there are its done in way that it comes off as either Percy trying to keep involved in a conversion or Percy remembering something.

Once again, I’m not a fan of multiple books in series repeating the same information in basically same way. I mean I get that it’s probably written that way as the books were published at least a year apart and authors want to remind us of the information just incase we forgot but it irks me a little.

I really enjoyed watching the characters grow as the books go on, but I also enjoyed the fact that the characters were still relatively flawed as the series ended. They were aware of most if their flaws and tried to grow past them but it wasn’t an immediate thing.

One of my favourite things about this series is that Percy isn’t the perfect hero, I mean he didn’t even go on the quest in the first book to save the world, he went to save his mother, so that proves my not the perfect hero point. I also really appreciate the way the introduction to the overarching plot of the entire story was done in The Lightning Thief. The way bits of information were woven throughout the book instead of dumping information on us in the first part of the book and then we just moved onto to the main plot of the book.

So these are the things that I probably loved most about the series. Let me know what you love (or didn’t like) about the series.

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That’s All I Got,Danielle.

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