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Songs As Story Prompts

I was listening music the other day and I kept thinking about the meaning of songs and different ways they could be interpreted (my attempt at being deep) and then I started thinking about the ideas and meanings behind these songs being turned into books. So essentially this post is a list of songs with ideas and meanings (as I interpreter them) that I really want to see in books. If you know any books that have plots with similar ideas to the ones in these songs or have the same vibe (they most likely exist and I’m just living under a rock), please let me know. Without further ado:

All I See Is Gold by Bridgit Mendler

Lonely by Palaye Royale

Kitchen Sink by Twenty Øne Piløts

Thin White Lies by Five Seconds Of Summer

Memories by Panic! At The Disco

Empire To Ashes by Sleeping With Sirens

7 Days by Alessia Cara

Hi, It’s Me by Ashnikko

Soap by Melanie Martinez

Talk by Day

Work Song by Hozier

Bulletproof Heart by my Chemical Romance

You Should See Me In A Crown by Billie Eilish

Oops by Little Mix

King For A Day by Pierce The Veil

Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter

Medicine by Bring Me The Horizon

400 Lux by Lorde

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That’s All I Got, Danielle.

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