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Book Review: Lock Down

Title: Lock Down

Author: Aella Black

Publisher: Grape Ape Publishing

Publication Date: May 17 2020

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy,


My superpower? I can’t die. You can imagine how much it hurts when they test that out…

Phoebe Atkinson has always felt different, but in the typical angsty way most teenagers do. She had no idea just how different until that fateful day she died—and then came back to life.

It appears that sort of thing is frowned upon, because Phoebe awakens to find herself locked up in Leavenworth—a notorious prison that now holds teens with unusual supernatural abilities.

Behind bars, some are welcoming and others are… not. One group in particular seems determined to make the lives of Phoebe and her new friends as miserable as possible.

They call them the Wolf Pack. And they can just stay in jail and rot for all she cares.

Because even though Phoebe’s life before being imprisoned was far from perfect, she wants it back. And she will… if they don’t find a way to kill her first.

Regardless, she’s no longer going to stand by and be the rule follower she’s always been.

Look where that got her.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Lock Down had an interesting premise and it was delivered well, but only just. There was an apocalyptic element in the book where The United States is slowly crumbling due to natural events, but we are given no information to why this is Seeing that it had a major impact on certain points in the story, I really wish I had some background information

Another thing I felt was missing was some insight into the experiences of the other main characters. A major plot point of the story were test that the children had to go through on a weekly basis to evaluate their powers. I wish I knew what the other characters tests were like outside of a throwaway sentence the first time Phoebe goes through this experience.

One of the positives of the delivery was the writing style. It was simple and easy to get through and as a result it made the book a really quick read. We had little time to focus on what was lacking as there was always something happening in the moment, but the story still didn’t feel rushed or jam-packed with action.

I mentioned wanting a bit more information on the other main characters but from what I got, they were pretty easy to like (well most of them anyway). Each character in the group had a different personality and added their own small thing to the story. Also the friendship was really nice to read about and considering the circumstances, was formed naturally and never felt forced or awkward.

One other thing that negatively impacted my reading experience. Was the “villain origin story” of a character or the reason they changed sides is because a girl didn’t reciprocate his feelings. He betrayed his friends that he knew for however long before Phoebe got there, and almost got them killed because Phoebe liked someone else and that’s something that really annoys me anywhere I see it.

To end on a positive note I really liked the way quotes from “The Art Of War” tied into the story.

That’s All I Got, Danielle.

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