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Book Review: Identity

Title: Identity

Author: Alexandra Bayer

Publisher: Aya Ellen

Publication Date: May 20 2020


Naya hasn’t had the best first year of university – her boyfriend broke up with her, leaving her friendless and pining after him. That is, until she meets Brynn one day at the gym. Brynn is cool and beautiful, and new to the city. Naya is her first friend here. But when Brynn actually turns out to be the famous actress Aviva Jersey in disguise, Naya must decide how much of their friendship is real and how much was just an act. And the longer Naya spends around Aviva, the more of the spotlight she begins to see. But haven’t you heard? Fame doesn’t always equal happiness, and the spotlight comes at a price.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I was really intrigued by the premise of the story, I had high hopes going into this book. Thankfully, I was not let down. The story was delivered well with simple, straight forward writing and good pacing.

The characters and character work really made the story. They were sufficiently fleshed out and felt real. Their problems and feelings were more than words on a page. The different relationships in this book were pretty great. Aviva and Naya’s friendship was cute as was the romance between Naya and the love interest introduced. Speaking of relationships, Alexandra Bayer did a good job of writing a subtly toxic relationship. (Naya and Asher).

While I like reading about the friendship between Aviva and Naya. Aviva’s trust issues were a bit over used. It started to feel more like a plot device than an element of her character. Sometimes it was obvious that the trust issues were only being used for conflict, because there were a few times where it didn’t even make sense for Aviva to mistrust Naya.

Another thing that fell short is the ending. It was very abrupt and I didn’t feel like anything was wrapped up properly. To end this post I’m going to nit-pick for no good reason but is a wig really that good of a disguise? Especially for someone so famous?

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

That’s All I Got, Danielle.

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