Bookish Confession: I Can’t Listen To Audio Books

My life would be so much easier if I could read using audio books. I’ve tried multiple times and unfortunately, it has never worked out. There are a few reasons why audio books and I don’t mesh.

  • I get second-hand embarrassment really easily.
  • I end up only pretending to focus on the book.
  • I get tired listening to people talk for a long time.
  • My reactions are sometimes louder than the person reading.

I Get Second – Hand Embarrassment Really Easily.

I know everyone suffers from second-hand embarrassment from time to time but I sometimes feel like when and how often I experience it, is increased tenfold. By this I mean that I have to skip over moments in shows because I might actually pass out from embarrassment. But if that scene is an important moment (which they usually are, unfortunately) I have to mute the scene and read the subtitles sometimes in 2 or 5 second intervals. Meaning I have to take a break from a book in preparation for an embarrassing moment. I start to get embarrassed before the characters do, I feel the embarrassment building up as soon as I sense that I a scene will be embarrassing. So can you imagine me listening to someone read out an embarrassing scene, so say an embarrassing line? Yeah, it’s not a fun time. Or maybe this is what second-hand embarrassment is like for everyone and I’m overreacting.

I End Up Only Pretending To Focus On The Book.

I’m pretty sure I saw a meme a while back that was about when you realize your not paying attention in class so you try to and then you realize you’re still not paying attention in class because you’re so focused on paying attention. It’s like that sometimes. Other times, I really think I’m actually focusing on the story and then the narrator says something and I have no idea what they’re talking about. Then I realize, I have no idea what happened in the last two chapters. So my brain told me I was paying attention but it lied. So then I have to go back to the last thing I actually heard and took in and listened again. Then I have to do it again a couple minutes later. This is without me doing something else, so it’s not like I’m distracted or anything.

I Get Tired Of Listening To People Talk For A Long Time

You know how you can get social fatigue? I get that too. For some reason, my brain is convinced that listening to an audio book is a social situation. The problem is, not only do I get socially exhausted but I also get normally exhausted. That is all I have to say about this problem.

My Reactions Are Sometimes Louder Than The Person Reading.

When I’m physically reading a book my reactions are either internal or external. Depending on how big of a reaction I have to a seen, I might put the book down for a second or two. But usually I can “split” what I hear in my head. I can hear my reaction while simultaneously hearing the words that I’m reading. That doesn’t happen with audio books. When I listen to audio books, my internal reactions are usually at the forefront of my mind. As a result, my reactions are “louder” than the narration.

These things issues wouldn’t be as big of a problem if I only had to deal with one of them every time I listen to an audio book. Except, all of these issues present themselves at the same time everytime I listen to an audio book. As I said before, my life would be much easier if audio books and I were friends but that isn’t a thing so.

That’s All I Got,Danielle.

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