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Book Review: Anne Of Windy Poplars

Title: Anne Of Windy Poplars

Author: L.M. Montgomery

Publisher: McClelland and Stewart

Publication Date: 1936

Genre: Children’s Literature, Young Adult Contemporary


Anne Shirley has left Redmond College behind to begin a new job and a new chapter of her life away from Green Gables. Now she faces a new challenge: the Pringles. They’re known as the royal family of Summerside–and they quickly let Anne know she is not the person they had wanted as principal of Summerside High School. But as she settles into the cozy tower room at Windy Poplars, Anne finds she has great allies in the widows Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty–and in their irrepressible housekeeper, Rebecca Dew. As Anne learns Summerside’s strangest secrets, winning the support of the prickly Pringles becomes only the first of her delicious triumphs.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Let me be honest with you. I would’ve given this book five stars no matter what happened because of the Shirbert content. I was so desperate to read about Anne and Gilbert’s “on screen” romance that I squealed out loud when Anne addressed Gilbert as “Dearest”. I didn’t even get to read Gilbert’s letters to Anne and I was satisfied. So . . . . just thought I’d let you know.

But on a serious note, I loved this book and it would’ve gotten five stars even if I wasn’t starved of Shirbert content.

I loved the way the story was told through I mix of excerpts from Anne’s letters to Gilbert and the regular narrative writing.The letters allowed me to see and experience Anne’s whimsicalness, hilarious feelings/ reactions and love of words that was very reminiscent of younger Anne. Which I felt definitely appeared less in book three ” Anne Of The Island“.

Something I’ve enjoyed in every book of this series so far is the humour. L.M. Montgomery’s dry humour and sarcasm really shows in the writing, in this book especially when she “omitted several pages of Anne’s letter” and made fun of Anne a bit while doing it. There were also hilarious moments that were actually parts of the book so I was entertained from cover to cover.

One thing that I love about these book that other people might not enjoy is the long conversations or monologues. The ones that take up basically for pages, where characters interrupt themselves to point something out or say something to another character outside of what they are currently talking about. I find it really amusing and I think it gives a lot of small details that were skipped when descriptions and background information was being given.

Speaking of things that other people might not enjoy. The author manages to make every characters 3-Dimensional and have their own unique personality and background, no matter how short of a time they spent on stage. However, I do think that readers who didn’t enjoy this aspect in other books might like it in this one. Because L.M. Montgomery doesn’t spend pages giving details on a character for them to actually be “on screen” for a couple lines. The details about the characters were delivered really well, while the character was present in a scene and the delivery of information was always woven into the story so it never takes away from the “action”

I loved every single character in this book even if they were technically unlikeable characters. I also loved how every relationship in this novel was very realistic and different from one another.

That’s All I Got,Danielle.

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