Some Other Now: Dream Cast and Favourite Quotes

Hi, so this is my tour stop for the book tour hosted by Hear Our Voices Tours. The quotes in this post are taken from an arc copy of this book and may change in the finished product.

Dream Cast

Jess: Skai Jackson

Jess’ Mother: Sandra Bullock

Jess’ Father: Sterling K. Brown

Mel: Angel Aquino

Luke: Emjay Anthony

Rowan: Asa Butterfield

Willow: Sadie Sink

Brett: Cory Gruter-Andrew

Eric: Jeremy Shada

Naomi: Reese Witherspoon

Ernie: Robert Di Niro

Favourite Quotes

Six feet under, like my brother Gareth Richard Solomon IV, the unlucky song of a bitch.

Ernie: Page 12

Mel called being sick her Big Bad. She had a theory that we all had one, whether we knew it or not. She also believed it could change over time, that the most pertinent issue in your life could go from having a bad temper to being bankrupt or something

Page 31

One thing the Big Bad has taught me is that every day – every moment- counts. I want to spend it as happy and grateful and well-dressed and brave as possible

Mel : Page 70

What if you fucked up so colossally and the universe isn’t done punishing you? What there is something fundamentally wrong, something inside you that chases people away and hurts those who stay?

Page 148

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