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Book Review: The Last Miracle

Title: The Last Miracle

Author: Robert W. Adams

Publisher: Self- Published

Publication Date: April 21st 2020

Genre: Adult Thriller, Psychological Magical Realism


Surrender means losing herself forever. Refusal means the end of the world. After the death of her mother, Eight-year-old Thea begins to hear and feel things other people don’t. The voice in her head says no one will believe her, not even her father. The kids call her Straight-Jacket Johnson and claiming to heal her brother’s broken wrist didn’t help. Thea battles unrelenting tragedy and dismissive doctors as she stands alone against the voice. When she finally finds her footing the voice shows her a world altering event and the dystopian future of mankind’s own making. He offers her a way out, but it’s one she can’t possibly accept. He is good with words. Very good. He hasn’t lied to her yet, unless it’s one big lie to keep Thea to himself forever. Would you gamble your soul to save a loved one? Would you gamble your soul to save the world?


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.

I was really interesting in the concept of this story and in my opinion it was done quite well. While it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, I actually think it was better than what I had expected.

Thea was an interesting character and while she stopped acting her age as the story went on, I was actually okay with it. Because not only is she given all this attention and responsibility, the reason she got this responsibility was actually affected her behaviour. She had this great power and was able to communicate with someone that was other worldly. The relationship between Thea and the voice wasn’t as front and centre as I thought. We saw the voice interacting with Thea in the beginning of the book, but as the story went in it was more Thea delivering the messages she heard to other people.

The cast of characters was quite developed. Every character on the main and secondary cast got quite a bit of “screen time” and they each had their own personalities.

The story developed steadily, with consistent pacing. And the story remained intriguing to the very end.

I was quite pleased with the way religion and spirituality was handled in this book. I was an important part in the story but there was no preaching or shaming of a particular religion. This book is in no way a religious book, but the religious and spiritual aspect was quite a big part of the story.

That’s All I Got, Romy

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